#Scicomm: The Role of Science Communication

Many of us use TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate with our friends, family, and colleagues. Social media can be a powerful tool in communicating with the public and our students. It can empower parents to try activities at home with their children, students to investigate a topic that is interesting to them, and show that science happens in real-time and is done by real people. Social media can also help advance representation in science efforts. This symposium will highlight some of the many ways scientists can communicate with the public. This includes but is not limited to: podcasts, journalism, STEM-influencers, Youtube Channels, and illustrations. If you are sharing science with the general public in a unique way, we encourage you to submit it to this symposium. Presentations will show the platform used and explain the benefits of using that platform or technology, explain how they converted the science from academic to public-facing, and the outcomes of their efforts. Presentations can include demonstrations that use household materials and that are not messy or videos of such activities. 

Classroom Practice and Learning Environments
Cross-cutting Thread(s):
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect