Designing effective assessment strategies for CUREs and other research-based experiences.

This workshop will focus on assessment design for Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs). Research based courses are notoriously difficult to assess effectively and this difficulty can serve as a hurdle away from adoption. Assessments designed based on the Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Lab (BASIL) framework will be shared and discussed. Participants will design learning objectives and outcomes for an assessment and subsequently work to develop assessments that align with those objectives. We will also highlight the power of CUREs, providing a complete framework and implementation strategies for the introduction of this type of instruction into the curriculum. The modules for the entire BASIL based biochemistry lab course are available to any interested instructor. This workshop is aimed at increasing awareness of this student-centered, research-focused style of instruction.

Undergraduate Education
Assessments and Research Methods
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Bonnie Hall

Arthur Sikora