Advanced Placement Chemistry Laboratory Workshop: An Inquiry and Forensic Approach Towards Chemical Experimentation

AP Chemistry has a new syllabus and a new lab manual, both of which place significant new emphasis on experimental design and data analysis. These are skills that we have always believed are truly essential to understanding and enjoying the chemistry laboratory experience. Our lab manual, used by several hundred teachers of AP over the past few years, incorporates Inquiry Based and Forensic Activities along with some of our favorite AP experiments developed or modified over the many years we have taught. These experiments have been designed to challenge your AP students and get them to think, plan, and analyze before, during, and after the lab! We believe that, because our manual is so good, the new College Board AP Chemistry lab manual is modeled after ours. In this workshop, we will discuss our approach to inquiry and encourage participants to perform many experiments from our manual. For experienced users of the manual, we will also preview new activities that specifically align with the new syllabus and exam. The manual, available for purchase, contains detailed teacher notes for each lab that allows for modification of each experiment including pictures of virtually all setups on a fully editable CD. If you liked our workshop on Inquiry Problem Based Laboratory Experiments we are certain that you will love this workshop. Previously offered at ChemEd and BCCE since 2009.

High School
Undergraduate Education
Classroom Practice and Learning Environments
Cross-cutting Thread(s):
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect
Sustainability/Green Chemistry

Jesse Bernstein

Jeffrey Bracken

Paul Price