ACS and AACT hands-on activities to help teach K-12 chemistry

"ACS and AACT have an ever-growing collection of hands-on activities to help K–12 teachers cover important and complex chemistry concepts. It is often difficult to find classroom activities that can help all levels of students understand chemistry concepts. In the first presentation, K–12 Demos on a Dime, we will demonstrate several engaging demonstrations, labs, and activities. Those who attend will walk away with resources to use with their students.

AACT has a large and varied collection of online resources available for teaching AP Chemistry that have been aligned to the topics and learning objectives from the College Board CED. Join us for our second session to explore the collection of lesson plans, labs, demonstrations, and multimedia resources, along with articles from Chemistry Solutions, AACT’s online periodical, and webinars from our expanding archive.

Finally, we will outline and demonstrate some of the activities from Inquiry in Action, a website for K–5 teachers, and, an ACS website that serves teachers in grades 6–8."

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Adam Boyd