AACT high school resources for topical units

"The AACT high school library has a wide variety or classroom resources you can use in topical units throughout the year. In the first session, we will show you how to put together a successful Periodic Table unit plan using the lessons, activities, labs, demonstrations, projects, videos, simulations, and animations that are available on the AACT website. Attendees will engage is several hands-on classroom activities and walk away with a complete unit plan for the Periodic Table to use with their students.

Incorporating simulations, animations, and short videos into your lesson plans can help you introduce new topics, reinforce the material, and help you assess your students’ understanding of chemistry concepts. In session two, we will show you around our library of multimedia resources for many of the topics that you teach. Attendees will engage is several online activities and walk away with new ideas for helping their chemistry students learn important concepts.

In the final session, we will show you how to elicit and develop students’ initial ideas and models of ionic and covalent chemical compounds by engaging in a simple but effective phenomenon. Begin the session with a simple activity that focuses on the conductivity of solid sugar and salt, deionized water, and sugar and salt solutions. Observations are used to build a particle model of the dissolving process for ionic and covalent substances. The session also includes data sets that can be used to further develop student models, along with links to other resources that will engage students and allow them to build an understanding of the relationship between the structure and properties of ionic and covalent compounds."

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Adam Boyd