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Welcome to BCCE 2022 at Purdue University 

The conference will be held on the beautiful campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in the Summer of 2022. The 27th BCCE, like all of its predecessors, is designed to provide you with opportunities for interacting with chemistry instructors of all levels in formal and informal settings. There will be a mixture of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, poster sessions, exhibits, and tours of chemistry research areas.

This year our theme is "New approaches to modern challenges". As we build on previous work, we look expectantly to the future, encouraging researchers to submit abstracts that involve innovative and interdisciplinary methods to tackle emerging challenges in education.  

Don't miss out on the professional growth and fun social networking opportunities at the 27th BCCE:

  • Learn about evidence-based practices in teaching and learning chemistry
  • Find new and innovative activities or labs for your classes
  • Network with other chemistry educators from across the country and around the world
  • Explore research findings about how students learn chemistry and what barriers they encounter 

July 2022 Update

We have over 1,300 registrants for BCCE 2022 which begins on July 31 and we are eager to welcome you to Purdue.  Please read the "Know Before You Go Letter" sent to you on July 25, it is filled with helpful information. For example, in the packing list there is a reminder to bring splash goggles and closed toed shoes for workshops in CHAS, and to bring an N95 mask and a COVID testing kit. Also, remember if you are presenting to bring all dongles required, your presentation on a thumb drive, and to have it available online (in the cloud). Have multiple methods/ways to access your presentation.

Registration begins at noon on Sunday July 31 in the Purdue Memorial Union, near the ballrooms. Come there to receive your name badge, affix your red/yellow/green dot as you wish, and get a pocket guide. Please download the BCCE 2022 App (see announcements tab on the right of this page) to receive the latest notifications.

We will begin the program on Sunday at 2 PM in Stewart Center, in both Loeb Playhouse and Eliza Fowler Hall. We have opened Fowler hall to stream the event and to provide more space for people to spread out and sit.       

Masks are not required in buildings at Purdue, except in healthcare settings or if you are isolating in place and leave your room. However, you are more than welcome to mask as you see fit throughout the conference out of an abundance of caution, if you so choose.

We are less than one week away from opening the conference. We are looking forward to reconnecting with each other, to meeting new colleagues, and to welcoming people to our community!  


Marcy H. Towns, General Chair
Thomas Bussey, Program Co-Chair
Carly Schnoebelen, Program Co-Chair
John Michael Sophos, Meeting Planning Partner