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Information for poster presenters

What size should my poster be?

The maximum size for posters is 4’ x 6’. Posters can be printed on either paper or cloth.

Can I print my poster at the conference?

No, we do not have access to facilities for poster printing at the conference. All presenters are responsible for printing their own posters and bringing them to the conference. Presenters are also responsible for the costs of printing their own posters.

How long will poster sessions last?

Each poster session will last 1 hour. Please plan to be at your poster for the entire hour that you are scheduled to present.

How and when should I set up my poster?

Each poster will be numbered, you will find a poster board corresponding to your number in the room. Materials will be provided for hanging your poster. Please plan to arrive early to set up your poster before your session begins. Members of the program committee will provide additional information on the timing of your specific poster session in advance of the conference.

How and when will I be notified of my poster’s acceptance?

Acceptance notices will be sent via email in late April. You will also receive a scheduling notice including the day, time, and location of your poster session in May. 

How many presentations can I give?

The BCCE follows the “rule of two”. Thus, the maximum number of presentations you can make should reflect one of the following combinations:     
•    2 papers
•    2 posters 
•    2 workshops
•    1 paper and 1 poster
•    1 paper and 1 workshop
•    1 poster and 1 workshop

Am I required to attend the conference?

Yes, at least one author presenting the work must register for and attend the conference.

What if I am unable to attend?

If possible, you can have a co-author present the work. If not, you can withdraw your presentation. Please make any changes to presenter(s), as well as withdrawing a presentation, through MAPS.