Engaging Non-Majors in Introductory Chemistry Courses

Many non-chemistry or non-STEM majors enroll in introductory chemistry courses as a part of general education or university curricular requirements. While some students are truly interested in chemistry, many are not excited by the opportunity due to prior experiences or perceptions of the field. Increasing interest and engagement in introductory chemistry courses for non-majors is essential for student success and positively impacts learning of material, overall course grades, and scientific literacy. This symposium will highlight methods used to spark curiosity, interest, and engagement in introductory courses for non-majors. What are you doing in your in-person or virtual classroom to increase student curiosity, motivation, enthusiasm, and appreciation for chemistry? Topics can include innovative course design, active learning activities, creative assessments, service learning projects, or unique demonstrations.

Undergraduate Education
Classroom Practice and Learning Environments
Cross-cutting Thread(s):
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect