Integrating polymer content into the existing undergraduate laboratory curriculum

The American Chemical Society highlighted the need to improve undergraduate education in polymer science with the 2015 revision to the undergraduate guidelines for approved chemistry programs. While there are multiple ways to satisfy the new requirement, all programs are now expected to instruct students on the preparation, characterization, and identification of physical properties for at least two of the four types of systems: synthetic polymers, biological macromolecules, supramolecular aggregates, and meso- or nanoscale materials. In this symposium, presenters will share laboratory experiments and active learning activities that allow polymer content to be embedded throughout the undergraduate curriculum. The goal is to provide presenters with contacts so that they can share their materials and find classroom testers. The focus will be on incorporating polymer labs and activities into existing topics in general, organic, analytic, and physical chemistry lab courses.

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Kristy Mardis

Andrea G Van Duzor

Valerie Goss