Engaging Students in Analytical Chemistry--Curriculum and Cognition

In this symposium we invite practitioners who are reimagining the teaching and outcomes of analytical chemistry at the college level to enhance career readiness. Here we focus on the importance of designing bigger-picture coursework with a focus on skill development and the intersectionality of analytical chemistry. Skills that prepare students for future coursework and careers may include but are not limited to literature evaluation, scientific writing, critical-thinking, problem solving, peer review, and experimental design. We invite talks using classroom techniques including active learning, inclusive pedagogies, project-based curriculum, models and simulations, guided reflections, curriculum assessments, case studies that demonstrate the importance of analytical chemistry in society, and other creative methodology.

Undergraduate Education
Curriculum and Cognition
Cross-cutting Thread(s):
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect

Alycia M Palmer

Lynetta Mier

Susan Plummer Oxley

Jill Kirsten Robinson