In Memoriam: Celebrating the Life and Works of George M. Bodner

This symposium will commemorate the career of one of the founders of chemical education research, Dr. George M. Bodner, the Arthur E. Kelley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Education, and Engineering at Purdue University, who passed away in March, 2021. Through his nearly five decades of research, teaching, and service – especially as a mentor, formally or otherwise – Dr. Bodner touched the lives of thousands. To celebrate his distinguished life and career we request submissions in theoretically-framed research and/or evidence-based practice. We welcome talks encompassing all areas of inquiry and sub-disciplines of chemistry; and especially encourage submissions on topics aligned with Dr. Bodner’s main contributions, including problem solving, theoretical frameworks (especially constructivism), and courses beyond general chemistry. Please note that the symposium will include an “open mic” period for those who would like to share personal anecdotes and tributes to Dr. Bodner.

Undergraduate Education
Graduate Education
Curriculum and Cognition
Cross-cutting Thread(s):
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect

Gautam Bhattacharyya

Alexander C Davis