Adopting Green & Sustainable Chemistry Modules in the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Classroom

In 2020, the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (GCI) initiated a 3-year, ACS-funded initiative to develop general and organic chemistry modules. These modules cover foundational chemistry content but use a green and sustainable chemistry (G&SC) lens along with a systems thinking approach as a means of connecting the chemistry to selected global issues outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

G&SC focuses on the role of the chemist in reducing the negative impacts of chemicals, chemistries and processes across the chemical and product life cycle. Equipping students with the knowledge and skills to practice G&SC is critical for preparing global citizens to address the grand sustainability challenges facing humanity.

In 2015 and again in 2020, ACS GCI surveyed chemistry faculty on the challenges they face when modifying, updating, or changing their chemistry course content. Overwhelmingly, faculty reported a lack of time, content specific knowledge, and a crowded curriculum as barriers to curricular change. This workshop is intended to address these barriers by:

During this workshop, we will:
1. Introduce the general and organic chemistry modules that have been developed. Including introductions to G&SC, systems thinking, and chemistry connections to the UN SDGs.
2. Provide access to G&SC experts and module developers who have adopted the modules in their own general chemistry and organic chemistry courses.
3. Provide guided work time for educators to consider how the modules could be adopted into their own courses.

Undergraduate Education
Curriculum and Cognition
Cross-cutting Thread(s):
Sustainability/Green Chemistry

David J. Constable