Introduction to IONiC / VIPEr: Using and Sharing Inorganic Chemistry Education Resources

Inorganic chemistry finds its way into the curriculum at a variety of levels from general chemistry to upper division undergraduate courses. VIPEr (the Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource) is a website ( that provides a platform to share content and materials for teaching inorganic chemistry while building a community of inorganic faculty known as IONiC (Interactive Online Network of Inorganic Chemists). Workshop participants will be introduced to the IONiC community and will 1) learn how to find and adapt “learning objects” (in-class activity, literature discussion, laboratory, etc) on VIPEr for teaching general chemistry and inorganic chemistry, 2) learn how to use the social networking features of VIPEr to give and receive support in teaching and research, and 3) learn how to design and upload a learning object to the site. Participants will be encouraged to bring a learning object and publish it on VIPEr by the end of the workshop. Both experienced and new users of the site are welcome.

Undergraduate Education
Graduate Education
Curriculum and Cognition
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Anne K. Bentley

Amanda J. Reig

Sarah E. Shaner

Kari L. Stone

Bradley Wile