Envision: A Real-Time Computational Chemistry Platform to Facilitate Active Learning in Chemical Education

Students at all levels of chemical education can benefit greatly from 3D visualizations of molecules and the calculation of molecular properties to inspire chemical intuition and question-based design. However, such modeling tools in the classroom are hindered by significant learning curves, difficulty installing software, and long computational time. Envision aims to knock down these barriers by providing an easy-to-access software platform for academics that runs on a web browser in the cloud, and is intuitive for students to use. Envision delivers a real-time computational chemistry experience powered by advanced machine-learning technology where properties for large molecules are calculated interactively at the click of a button. Due to the ease and speed of calculations, web browser access from any device, and automated saving of students' work, Envision is the perfect tool for facilitating active student-centered computational activities in the classroom. In this workshop, we will introduce you to Envision, provide examples of active learning exercises, and show you how to incorporate Envision into your curriculum and learning management system. Participants will explore the endless possibilities with Envision by engaging in multiple active learning exercises that span the chemistry curriculum from high school/AP Chemistry to advanced college courses.

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Wallace Derricotte

Elizabeth Ter Sahakyan