ACS Exams alignment processes and uses: How the item alignment process works at ACS Exams and how this can be used for other assessments

At ACS Exams, we have been evaluating the many test items developed for item characteristics including content, complexity, process type and image inclusion. The alignment process and how these are ultimately used to investigate performance and content coverage through a different lens have been used extensively at ACS Exams. This assessment workshop will be a take participants through the process of alignment and into evaluating how alignment information can used. Included in this workshop will be:
1. Alignment parameters: what structures need to be considered and what information is sought
2. Alignment processes: how will this be done and how will the results be vetted
3. Alignment information: how to synthesize the information from an alignment and how this can be used to develop new materials
Also included in this workshop will be the use of an automated alignment tool developed by UMass in collaboration with ACS Exams.

High School
Undergraduate Education
Graduate Education
Assessments and Research Methods
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Sachin Nedungadi

Melissa S. Reeves

Patricia J. Kreke

Kelly Y. Neiles

Olga Michels

Thomas C. Pentecost

Jeffrey R. Raker

Kristen L. Murphy