ACS Exams: Mapping the Undergraduate Curriculum in Biochemistry

At ACS Exams, we have been working on constructing Anchoring Concept Content Maps (ACCM). These maps provide a content framework for the entire undergraduate chemistry curriculum using a four-tiered structure. The first two tiers are broad and subdiscipline independent. The third and fourth tiers get progressively more detailed and are subdiscipline specific. We have published four ACCM (general, organic, physical and inorganic) only through the contributions from faculty and instructors through many focus groups and workshops. The maps for biochemistry and analytical chemistry are nearing completion. For this workshop, we are working on the final level three and four details for the content map in biochemistry. Reflecting on the feedback from the other subdiscipline maps often provides participants with a unique insight about the courses taught and how the concepts taught in these courses contribute to the overall undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

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Sachin Nedungadi

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