Aligning laboratory experiments with learning objectives for focused formative assessment

In the process of building an Open Education Resources (OER) Library of General, Introductory, GOB, and Organic chemistry laboratories during the past year, and having a lot of data to look at student responses (over 55,000 students in spring, alone!), we have built a data-informed approach to organizing lab topics (streamlined “Broader Topics”), assigning learning objectives and laboratory skills (over 200 pre-written LOs and Skills), and working to create more formative assessment structures to help students achieve those objectives. This workshop will expect faculty to bring along their own lab experiment(s) they wish to improve, and then to walk through thinking about the framework for their lab courses, the objectives they wish to implement, and then how to streamline the experience for their students to bring the focus of laboratory learning back to reiterative learning rather than summative reports. Participants should expect to leave with a framework of topics for their lab courses and a plan for reworking their assessment materials, including learning objectives and skills to incorporate.

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Justin Shorb

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