Implementing a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment for Chemistry (NGDLEC) at your school: iPads, digital labs, digital lectures, and more!

In this workshop particpants will learn how the cloud-enabled, Next Generation Digital Learning Environment for Chemistry (NGDLEC) works at Purdue University and North Park University. This includes the principles behind NGDLEC implementation and a hands-on, in-depth overview of various interconnected technologies used in the NGDLEC. Participants will gain first-hand, direct experience with: 1) Using an instructor iPad or stylus-enabled computer and Microsfot OneNote to give interactive, digital lectures, 2) Using Microsoft OneNote as a digital lab manual; wireless lab data collection with Vernier probeware direct to student iPads or student-owned devices; electronic laboratory notebooks; and managing iPads or similar technologies in the lab, 3) Teaching with technology. Best practices for using your iPad or pen-enabled device to grade electronically and how to use Apple School Manager to transform laboratory instruction into a collaborative, interactive teaching environment, and 4) Methods and strategies for implementation at their institution.

High School
Undergraduate Education
Classroom Practice and Learning Environments
Cross-cutting Thread(s):

Jonathan Rienstra-Kiracofe

Matthew W. Van Duzor