It's All Fun & Games in High School Chemistry

Most concepts in high school chemistry focus on the invisible world of the atom, making the learning of chemistry quite a challenge. The vocabulary of chemistry is a language of its own, and forming connections among these abstract ideas can be difficult. If incorporated into the curriculum correctly, games can provide high school chemistry students with an experience that allows them to gain a better understanding of such concepts. Further, device-free games allow students to engage with both the content and their classmates. Our comprehensive review games for each unit are designed to provide an opportunity for students to problem solve and think critically while working together as a team in a growth-mindset environment. Our experience supports the research that low-achieving students and students receiving educational supports find classroom games most beneficial. This workshop will provide teachers an opportunity to play games covering the following topics: matter, atomic structure, periodic table, electron configuration, bonding (ionic, covalent, intermolecular), nomenclature, balancing equations, molar mass, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, solutions, gases, equilibrium and acids/bases.

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Elaine Kollar

Laura Hessling

Tracy Smith