Active Learning in Organic Chemistry: Evidence-Based Collaborative Learning and the Research that Supports It

We often tell our students to “study smarter, not harder”. Most faculty have at least an intuitive sense of what does and doesn’t work to improve learning in their discipline, but there is a large body of research in the science of learning that could benefit our students greatly. This workshop will provide key findings about the science of learning and explore ways to incorporate them into our teaching of organic chemistry. Participants will develop collaborative learning activities that optimize student learning in Organic Chemistry. Results will be disseminated through the Organic Education Resources website at While these findings from the science of learning aid in the development of any course, the workshop will focus on their applications in the sophomore-level organic chemistry courses. High school teachers who wish to participate should be teachers of organic chemistry.

High School
Undergraduate Education
Classroom Practice and Learning Environments
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Justin Houseknecht